Putting the pieces together

Sitting in my office one day, staring at the empty seat of a no show, I picked up my smart phone and started to surf the net.

My social groups were not engaging and I had 45 minutes until my next client. My current client‘s child was sick and I was hoping my next client could get out of work on time.

I was bored and started to think.

Life gets in the way. It happens, and counseling cannot trump other priorities in someone’s life.

Counseling must not exclude but accommodate.  It must reach where the problems are or be pushed aside as somebody else’s opportunity. It can’t just be confined to the seat across from me or the whims of the world will always throw obstacles in its way.  

The elusive self-growth that we try to wield through our counseling degree has no magic power over the logistics of life.  Moreover, those that are refusing counseling may not be refusing help – but maybe the kind of help we’re offering. 

To say we can help, but then hold it just out of arms reach is wrong and a frustrating way to offer professional help.

It is a privilege and honor when someone shares their life with me.

Then it hit me. 💡

We are a group of trained listeners who were not hearing what our clients were telling us.

So we set out to find a better way. We wanted to make counseling more reachable.


So, whether you just don’t have the time to connect to your counselor, you live too far away, have no transportation, or are struggling to balance work and family – for whatever the reason – we’ve got you now.

Online access to counseling with a device you use everyday – your smartphone.  

Ohio Online Mental Health & Alcohol and Drug Addiction & Recovery Counseling.

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